Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kelly's Book 4.12: Olive Kitteridge

Dear Jenny,

As you know, my life is insane right now. (Cross country move? Why the heck not?!) I just realized that I never posted my April book choice. I saw your suggestion to burn through Nox, but it was already packed. Sooo... eBook it is! Of my few eBooks on the TBR, Olive Kitteridge was the shortest. Done.

I've been doing pretty well, considering -- mostly reading in the few minutes before I pass out at night, and catching a few pages while scarfing down food, waiting in lines, etc.

Plus, I have a long flight this Saturday (did someone say something about moving?) so I should be able to knock it out then. Whew.

The TBP has certainly suffered this month, though... not much time for perusing. ;)


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  1. K,

    I enjoyed Olive Kitteredge. I didn't exactly think it was Pulitzer worthy, but a solidly respectable read.

    Meanwhile, here's some books to keep an eye out for--a list of books and plays about Tigers. (We saw the play when we were in NY last year, with Robin Williams as the Tiger!)