Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kelly's Book 2.13: 13, rue Thérèse

Dear Jenny,

I know it's not quite February, but I'm dying to dive into this book, so I'm going to. I bought it at a recommendation from my mom's friend Susan, an avid reader whose opinions on books I respect.

I bought it at my favorite bookstore in the world (Powell's, of course). I knew I had to buy the pBook because there are a bunch of artifacts depicted throughout and the eBook still can't quite handle that -- at least, not on the Kindle devices that I currently use.

It looks like a sweet little... romance? Mystery? I'm not sure -- there may be some magic going on. Honestly, I don't know much about it, but I like this cover and you know I'm always a sucker for a book that incorporates photos of artifacts. Heh.

One thing that's interesting so far is the name of this book:  In English, "13" is pronounced "thirteen" but in French, it is pronounced "treize," which sounds very similar to "Thérèse." So the name of the book is far more lyrical in French than in English. 


PS -- Oh, crap! I just realized I have not perused a TBP book this month! First month in, and I'm already almost behind. Ack! Ok. I'll do that tonight and dive into this one tomorrow.

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  1. Luckily, it's still January! You'll be fine. It's probably an enjoyable way to spend a cold evening, so make sure you turn on the fireplace.

    How's your French? I always had the feeling that you remembered more of it than I did. I'll be curious to hear more about it. I guess I should add a little entry about my February choice.

    There's really nothing better than getting a good recommendation from a trusted reader. In fact, one of my "go to" recommenders is a guy in the business office named Adam. Today, I swung by that office and he had The Orphan Master's Son with him. He said, "You have to read this book! You'd love it!" And so of course, we had a pleasant conversation about how great it was! Total serendipity to have someone else love the same book that we literally both just finished!