Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wherein I Change My Mind


In your comment the other day, you said something about tackling Don't Know Much About History on chapter at a time. I think that's what I might have to do with The End. It's boring. I'm not in the mood. I'll finish it this year, but it might be interspersed with other books.

To that end, I've been reading another book on the list, 36 Arguments for the Existence of God. I was sure I picked it up at the Borders Bender, but it appears that must have been at another trip. (Meanwhile, of those books, I've only read 4! Perhaps one or two will make it on to next year's list?) Anyways, I've started it and will finish it soon. It's a novel about an academic who suddenly becomes famous, and his back story and assorted conflicts due to his sudden fame. The book also does contain 36 arguments for why God exists in the back, along with how they can be logically refuted.

So far, I'm off to a good start. I think I will finish it this week!

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  1. What the ever-loving heck?! You have made two posts that have gone un-commented by me!! I blame is on [even *more*] last minute travels. (Ugh with the traveling this year!)

    I feel like I need a [insert surviving bookstore here] Bender in my life. I have been on a real lockdown on acquiring books for the past 2 years and it may be too extreme. It's time to get some more books in here! :) (Whoops. I don't even know where my local bookstore is... possible problem.) (And while I'm sure I could do some Amazonian damage at this very moment, actually picking up and buying books is different and... more satisfying for book-buying benders!)