Sunday, December 22, 2013

Rounding the Corner on 2013


1) A few things in my next to last post of the year. (I'm actually making good progress on The End and will finish it in a few days! It got better, luckily, so I'm going to be happy to finish the last TBR book of the year!) We should really finish up this year. So far only 5 people have finished, so our odds for winning might be pretty good (even though we won last year!). I know you've read a ton this year, but are you going to make it through your TBR books?

2) have you seen this? The NPR Book Concierge! It seems dangerous...

3) are we TBRing in 2014? I hope so! I'm already starting to think about which books I might choose, which is always a super fun task.



  1. I've been quiet, but I have a very good feeling I will finish. I am actually done with Michigan and Notes From a Small Island -- I just need to write them up (got taken down the past few weeks getting ready for the big party! That's over now, so I should have some time...) I have also just started Florence Broadhurst and it is a super quick read so far. I've got 1 week and it'll totally happen (you know I love a deadline!)

    Book Concierge = dangerous. Esp with our upcoming looming TOB list (okay, not to be *too* impatient, but they released the list last year on Dec 20... they *gotta* know people are chomping at the bit this year!)

    Yes to TBR 2014! I've started pulling books already, so I'll get that done this week as well. Wheee!

  2. Remind me again of how we're doing screencaps, is it shelfari??

    I'm going to drink some coffee and make my list now!

  3. Yes -- We've used shelfari. Once you're done, I can grab the screen cap of your bookshelf over there. Of course, you'll be done before me, so I'll write the post when I'm done and add both of our shelves (it *will* be before Jan 1, though -- I promise!)