Sunday, December 7, 2014

I'm not actually sure I can pull this off, Kelly.


It's December 7th. I just want you to know that this may be the year I don't make it across the finish line. I am hopeful for a last minute sprint across the finish line once Winter Break seems so daunting. I am finding The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet sort of boring, and I still have at least three or four hundred pages left in Postwar.


How about you?



  1. I am also struggling, but... WE CAN DO THIS THING. I just finished Sisters Brothers and am slogging through Arc of Justice (It's a good book, but it's just been made far more difficult by all of the recent news -- this f'ing story could have been written in 2014. I feel like NOTHING has changed in a century, and that is killing me. /end rant).

    After that, I have Size of Thoughts (355) and Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible (320). It's daunting, but... we're not going to let these books get the best of us! You are a super fast reader -- time to put the pedal to the metal and churn these bad boys out.

    Of course, my *other* challenge is that I have only written about 5 of my books this year -- crap! That's less than half! So I'll have 7 books to write up in the next 21 days? Oh, nuts. That's one every 3 days. You ready?!

    WE. CAN. DO. IT. (I'll sleep when I'm dead.)

  2. Pedal to the metal. Haha. What a great phrase. OKAY, I WILL TRY.

    I'll make it through Jacob de Zoet. It's Postwar I'm worried about.