Friday, August 21, 2015

Jenny's 9:15: An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England


The thing that amazes me most about this book is the fact that there's a plural possessive right there in the title! I bet the author *really* had to fight to keep that one. This is like the holy grail in my life as a teacher: kids who know how to make a plural possessive.

Okay, moving along. I borrowed this book from a co-worker over a year ago, right before Janine's wedding. We were talking about how the wedding was going to be at Edith Wharton's home, The Mount.  The co-worker (guilty admission: he has since left my school and works somewhere else. Should I mail the book back to him when I finish it?) said that I should read this book and handed me his copy.

The original intent was to read locally, an activity I do find tremendously enjoyable. However, it was just too busy of a wedding weekend for me to actually read this one. So, here I am, 14 months later, thinking now is the time. I know I'm ahead, but since I start school next week and I'm taking 2 classes this quarter, I would love to get ahead.

I literally know *nothing* about this book! I vaguely remember reading a review of it, but I'm pretty much going into this cold. Whee! Living on the edge!

This post brought to you courtesy of exclamation marks,


  1. Sigh. It's a WMFUN. This is what I get for reading a book cold. Oh well! Soldiering on...

  2. I think it would be fun to mail it to him when you are done -- I love an unexpected surprise by mail!

    Re: not knowing anything about it and it turning out to be a WMFUN... did this guy recommend the book specifically for *you* or did he say, "I really like this book... I'd like you to read this book that I like?" Just curious.

    The title seems very original and interesting. But I guess a book about "writers' homes in New England" is likely going to be a WMFUN, right? Cause... New England Writers? That's a lot of WM action there... and if the author is an arsonist... well... that's probably indication of FU. Heh. Judging Books By Their Covers by Kelly. ;)

    This has not been a great summer of reading for me and I just got a letter in the mail from a friend who said the same thing -- and we're not even reading the same things! Bummer Summer.

    I read a second novel that was such a big disappointment that I *re-read* the first one and pretended the 2nd never existed. And there was S, which has got such an *amazing* production quality and I was so excited to read. Aaand, of course... the Night Manager. Which... I am going to write up right now!