Thursday, April 7, 2016

Joint Book 2.16: Five Children and It

Dear Jenny,

Well, it's already April 6 -- time to talk about reading this little weirdo!

I first spotted this book at your house, as it is "N" from the Penguin Drop Caps series (as seen to the right there). We had heard of all of the other books you had in this series (I won't name them here, as they spell out your last name...) but this one? Nope. Neither of us had ever heard of it.

So I looked it up, found out it's supposed to be a children's "classic" and I suggested we read it together for our little blog.

Further reading about this book tells us that it was first published in 1902 and, according to Wikipedia, has never been out of print. Whhhhaaa---? How have neither of us heard of this book?!

And I thought it was going to be one of those things where we had never heard of it before but then, after we talked about it, we'd hear a bunch of people mentioning it... Nope. Haven't head a peep. This book's a mystery.

So! Let's get reading!

  • April 10: Chapters 1-3
  • April 17: Chapters 4-7
  • April 24: Chapters 8-11
I am concerned about my tolerance for a book written in 1902. Hopefully being a children's book, it will be easier to take?



  1. TRUEST WORDS EVER SPOKEN ON OUR BLOG---> "I am concerned about my tolerance for a book written in 1902."

    1. By which I really mean, "WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!?!"

  2. At the time, we both read a few pages to make sure it would be bearable. I've started it, and it is! The 1902 part is not so bad -- it *really* is written for children, so the flowery-ness/intentional obscurity is toned waaaay down.

    If anything, I think we might be annoyed by reading an actual kids' book. It's not YA. It's for kids! So take a deep breath and get ready for a little kids story.