Monday, February 21, 2011

Tournament of Books Update


The brackets were released today for the upcoming Tournament of Books---only 2 weeks away! I felt so great about the progress I was making a week ago, but now the grim reality of my situation is setting in: there's no way I'm going to get all these books read before it starts. Time to think strategically.

Here are the match-ups and my progress so far:

March 8 : Freedom and Kapitoil.
So I'm holding on both of these for the immediate future. I can't get both of them read by the time it starts, so I might as well wait for the winner to be declared.

March 9: Room v. Bad Marie
Excellent. I've read both of these already.

March 10:
Savages v. The Finkler Question
I read Finkler and hated it. That means I can safely wait to read Savages until the 2nd round if needed, but I'd like to get this one done before the match-up. I'm sure it will advance...that's how bad Finkler was.

March 11: A Visit From the Goon Squad v. Skippy Dies
I read Goon Squad in December. I've started Skippy Dies, I'm about 180 pages in. Problem is that sucker is over 600 pages. This is what I'm working on now. I'll finish it. I like it so far, and it's getting better as I read.

March 14:
Nox v. Lord of Misrule
I'm not reading Misrule because of the "Horses are Boring" rule. I think Nox will be quick, so I'll try to read it before this match-up.

March 15: Next v. So Much for That
I"m planning on skipping So Much For That, but I started Next when I was stuck somewhere with my phone and none of my other books. I liked it, and I'd like to get it done beforeahand, but I'm willing to wait to see what happens. If it gets knocked out in this round, it might turn into a post-tournament read.

March 16: Super Sad True Love Story v. Model Home
I haven't read either. They both look good, but I can wait and see on this one, too.

March 17: The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake v. Bloodroot
I've read both of these! This is also the day before my 2 week spring break starts on the 18th. Lots of good reading time then.

So here's my new and improved reading plan. I'd like to finish these before the tournament starts on March 8th.
1) Skippy Dies
2) Savages
3) Nox
4) River Marked
(New Mercy Thompson comes out March 1! I think I can make time for that).

After that, we'll see. I might have to wait and see what advances and then read from there.

How's Tess going?

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  1. All right! My role as ToB Spectator has begun! I've got a big cone of cotton candy and one of those bleacher pads so my butt doesn't go numb. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!

    I got Nox in the mail last week. It looks sooo cool, but I just haven't had a minute to sit down with it. Tess has been taking up most of my time. :)