Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Joys of Airplane Reading


I'm stuck in Orlando. It has been beautiful---not a cloud in the sky for days! So, of course, it started to thunder and lightning the minute we got through security, followed by a chaser of hail. Nice.

This leads me to think about the joys of what I think most of the world refers to as "airplane reading." You know, the crappy mysteries and pulpy romances that are the standard fare of airport bookstands. (Of course, these days, I'm just as likely to peruse and then download to my Kindle.) It was in an airport that I picked up the first of the Millennium Series, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

What is it about traveling that makes me more likely to read "trashy" books? Maybe it's just that it's so hard to concentrate in the airport itself, with all of the people, announcements, and commotion. I don't know. Either way, I'm stuck here now, and I'm thinking it's time to download something good and trashy.


Update: The trashy book I wanted was 14.99 on Kindle. Ridiculous! Now I'm just delayed and annoyed!


  1. My mom has been recommending her .99 cent find: The Donovan Creed Crime Novel Series. She says they're trashy goodness and funny!

  2. Also, I think people read trash when traveling for two reasons:

    1. Airport bookstores sell mostly trash (Seriously. I picked up a Dean Koontz novel a couple of years ago in sheer desperation. Blech!) and

    2. You don't have to worry about anyone you know seeing you reading the trash. :) (A problem eliminated by the Kindle, of course!)

    Meanwhile, my *only* gripe about eBooks is... takeoff and landing. Ugh. So I usually also take a magazine when traveling to handle that 20 minutes or so I cannot access my book.

  3. Luckily, a stroke of genius hit: the 3rd in the Succubus Blues trilogy. Of course, now I'm home and just want to finish it. But I really need to go to bed!

    Will definitely check out Rosie's rec, there. I love a good mystery!


  4. I love those Succubus books. Good news: not a trilogy. When you finish that one, there are two more! Book 6 is due August 30. (Meanwhile, I burned through those books. I may need to do a re-read there.)

    As for Rosie's rec, don't set your expectations too high. I'm not sure it's a "good" mystery, but she says they're quick, fun, and funny. Sounds like summer readin' (Plus, for 99 cents, it's worth a shot.)