Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kelly's Book 5: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Dear Jenny,

This is a book I got when I was in a book club years ago juuuuust as I realized, "You know what? Book club is not for me!" I don't read fast enough to be in a book club -- the idea that I am reading books that other people want to read with my limited reading time [and when I say "limited" here, I mean limited by my reading speed just as much as I mean limited by other life commitments] is just preposterous.

Having said that, there are a few books that I read in that book club that I never would have read on my own that I am glad that I did (Cloud Atlas, for one. Read it? Really good.) I think that I would have included this book in that short list, if I had stuck with it at the time. It seems really interesting so far. The bookmark indicates that I read about 60 pages back then, and I do remember liking it, but something kept me from finishing and it's definitely a book that you need to read continuously to keep everything straight (meaning: don't put it down for a week and expect to come back and pick up where you left off -- it will all be confusion by then.)

This is the first TBR book that I have also bought the Kindle edition of in our TBR Quest. (Tess doesn't count -- it was free!) This book is 600+ pages long and I knew I would not be able to finish it in a month if I did not have it with me at all times (meaning: on my phone). So I spent the 10 bucks and I've already read 60 pages, so the Kindle Power is working. Not sure if we ever determined whether or not this is "cheating," but I'm doin' it!

So far, I LOVE this book. I have no idea where it is going, but it is weird and random and that is right up my alley! :)



  1. Wow. I just skipped over to Amazon and read the description. That sounds awesome. Next time you have to mail me something, drop your actual copy in the box for me to read.

    It's funny that you abandoned your book club, because I'd give just about anything to find one. I had a great one in CA, and I really miss it.

    Also, I have heard great things about Cloud Atlas, but I've never read it. However, I did pick up David Mitchell's newest novel, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, at the Borders Bender. Maybe I'll bump that one up towards the top of the pile.


  2. I own this book and have read about the same amount (60 pgs or so). I can't remember why, but I put it down for some reason even though I so enjoyed it. I have two teacher friends who both had the same experience. You really have to focus on this one. I plan to pick it up again this summer.
    Jenny - If you are on facebook, please think about joining a facebook book club (called Face"BOOK"ers...I know, I know) I started. We have over 30 members, but a hardcore group of 5/6 of us always read and discuss the books. If you are interested, friend me on Facebook (Kristin Cochran) and I'll send you an invite. Here are our upcoming books: In Defense of Food, The Women, The Paris Wife, An Object of Beauty, The Imperfectionists, and A Visit from the Good Squad.

  3. Hmmm...look for my friend request! Thanks!