Friday, September 21, 2012

Doing the math...

Dear Jenny,

I have looked at the remaining books I have, eliminated the two longest ones, added together the pages of all of the other books and divided that by the number of days left in the year.

My golden number? 20 pages per day. That seems doable, right? Assuming I don't miss a day and have to do 40 the next, of course...

What's left.
I'll probably tackle Double Fold next because it has a shit load of end notes, which slows my reading down more than anything else. Then I can re-calculate once I'm done with that puppy.

Meanwhile, The Venetian's Wife is going quickly (yay for illustrations) so that should help.

Sometime last year, I told someone about this TBR challenge and their response was that they didn't like the sound of "reading just to get reading done." I have never felt that way about this challenge, even *now* as I count up how many pages I need to read per day for the rest of the year to complete it.

Isn't that what a "challenge" is about? Maybe this person just didn't like the idea of reading as a "challenge" (versus a "pleasure" or a "pastime")? Hrm. What do you think?


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  1. K,

    I think it sounds very doable, 20 pages a day. Maybe I should do something similar? Hmm..

    You know, if someone else picked my books in the TBR challenge, I could see it feeling like a chore, but I'm basically challenging myself to read books that I, AT ONE TIME, FOUND INTERESTING ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY PURCHASE! I think people like to challenge themselves in different ways. I would imagine some people set physical challenges, or challenges to try new recipes, etc. It's essentially personal goal-setting---and I'm all for that. I mean, we're used to the idea of goal setting at work, right? As kids, we set goals to get into college. But in the midst of "middle-adulthood" it seems like most of us have met those lifetime targets (marriage, buying a house or car, etc) and I like the idea of goals now being about whatever we might find personally fulfilling.

    Hmm..I should pick a September book. I have successfully finished Broken Harbor and Where'd You Go Bernadette? I think it might be Cutting for Stone next. I hear its a real page turner!

    PS I like a little math on our reading blog!
    PPS You should save Nox for December. It's such fun to look at, but really, a quality hour can probably do it.