Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kelly's Book 6.12: The Venetian's Wife

Dear Jenny,

I am shamelessly choosing these books in order of length, starting with the shortest. I am sure I will regret this in December, but it serves my purpose now, so... I'm in.

I love Nick Bantock, best known for his Griffin and Sabine trilogy/series (remember those?)  His art is mesmerizing and his story telling is so magical.

I have read most of his books and loved them all, but I particularly enjoyed a non-fiction work of his called Urgent: Second Class. In it, he discusses how he makes his art in great detail -- it's so inspirational.

I know very little about this one, other than... it's a fictional story, interlaced with Bantock's beautiful illustrations and [flipping through it now] ooh! Looks like some letters, too! Yay!


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  1. I loved those Griffin & Sabine books! Whoa. Talk about a blast from the past. I like a book that has some art in it.

    I still haven't picked a September book. I've been reading Broken Harbor (I did borrow it from the school library). It's actually quite scary. I'm enjoying it, but the start of school is so busy that I haven't been reading all that fast. I think I will finish it this weekend, though.