Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2012: What a Year!

Dear Jenny,

I just took a few minutes to poke around our little site here and am shocked to find that books that I read earlier this year seem like I read them years ago! I am usually surprised by how time flies, but this has been a verrrry long year for me. I'll be glad to be done with it.

Read any good "year in review" booklists lately? I was thrilled to see Audible's Best of 2012 list come out (just as I finished listening to the #1 pick: Beautiful Ruins) and I'm sure you're finding plenty yourself -- so what are the experts saying was good this year? I feel absolutely certain I missed a lot.


PS -- Have you read Gone Girl? Everyone keeps raving about it and it keeps showing up in my Audible recommendations, but when I read the plot, it just seems awful. I don't want to succumb to Marriage Plot-style hype again.

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  1. K,

    This past weekend, the Sunday New York Times had some audiobook reviews. I meant to email you the links, but I forgot. I'll sum up by saying that they LOVED the audiobook for State of Wonder. I really liked that book, so try for that one.

    Oh, I love the End of the Year lists...in fact, I jsut posted to Facebook that this is my favorite time of year for that very reason. Also, The Tournament of Books is coming soon! Woot!

    I really liked Gone Girl. It's a total page-turner, and sometimes that's just what you need. I wouldn't say that I loved it, or thought it was amazing literature, but it's tightly plotted and full of surprises. Let me know if you read it, there's definitely this ONE THING that bugs me about it, but I can get over it.

    I'd recommend it.