Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Final Countdown

Dear Jenny,

I still plan to finish this up as we skid into the end of 2012. Here's my plan:

Wednesday, Dec 26 (today):
  • Write up The Art of Happiness (Finished a couple of weeks ago.)
  • Read 50 pages of Wonder Woman (It's 200 pages long. I'm on page 44.)

Thursday, Dec 27: 
  • Write up At Home (Finished two days ago.)
  • Read 50 pages of Wonder Woman.

Friday, Dec 28: Finish Wonder Woman.

Saturday, Dec 29: 
  • Write up Wonder Woman.
  • Read Nox (I trust you that this will be a quick read!)

Sunday, Dec 30: 
  • Write up Nox.
  • Publish our 2013 TBR Lists and sign up at Roof Beam Reader (and while I'm there, add my "I'm done!" comment on the big list!)

Monday, Dec 31: Drink some champagne. :)

Whew! And, in the midst of all of this, I need to unpack this house (oh, yeah, and dig up my TBR books for next year... I did mark the box "TBR" though -- priorities!)



  1. DO NOT EMBRACE DEFEAT! You can do it! Your plan sounds very reasonable!

    Ke-lly! Ke-lly! Ke-lly!

  2. Wrote this plan up this morning and threw it out the window this afternoon (into 6 inches of snow, btw!) as I ended up reading all of Wonder Woman. So that's done.

    Let's try:
    12/27: Write up Art of Happiness
    12/28: Write up At Home
    12/29: Write up Wonder Woman
    12/30: Read Nox and write it up.

    I've already started most of these write ups -- it's a bit challenging now because my brain is *full* of all of these books! (A good argument for doing write ups immediately after finishing a book, but I've been lucky to find the time to *read* lately, let alone *write*.)

  3. Meanwhile, can I bitch for just a split second about how annoying Wordpress is?

    I run my school blogs out of wordpress, but now anytime I go to a wordpress blog, it tries to make me log in using my wordpress account. Unfortunately for me, I created my Wordpress account using the same email address I used to create my blogger account. As you can imagine, I don't like to create school posts and comments with the username "Jenny." So it's been a real drag because now when I come across a Wordpress blog (like Roof Beam Reader), it just seems like an excessive amount of work to leave a comment.

    Glad you got snowed in today to do some reading. I keep hoping that will happen to me...


  4. So even if you just enter in your information explicitly on the Wordpress blog, it still tries to force you to log into your Wordpress account (meaning... can you log in "anonymously?") Can you change your email address associated with either your WP blogs or this one? That should break the chain (although you then have to deal with two email accounts, although if the one is *just* for this blog, it shouldn't be too big of a deal -- and you can have mail forwarded to your regular gmail account).

    In fact, if you want to just create a new gmail account, we could just add that one to this blog and break the old association... your old posts should still say "Posted by Jenny" but not be link-y. Let's talk more when I see you -- we can solve this.

    (Gotta say... I was always bummed not to be able to make a "nickname" out of my name until I became an adult. All I gots is Kelly, so that's what I am. All the time.)