Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kelly's Book 2: Tess of the d'Urbervilles

Dear Jenny,

I had a difficult time picking a second book. That last one was tough to get through so I wanted something easier, but I couldn't decide which one. So I just lined my 13 remaining books up in the order that I usually line books up (by height first, then by color) (not kidding) and chose the next one in that line. That gave me Tess of the d'Urbervilles.

Have you read this book? I really know nothing about it. It was one of my grandfather's favorite books and when he died, I took this book from his bookshelf. So the book itself is somewhat sentimental.

Except... this particular copy is from 1980, so there is a banner at the top of it selling the movie "Tess" with the tagline "the powerful new Roman Polanski film from Columbia pictures." Not being a huge fan of ol' Roman, I may have to slap a sticker over this part of the book while I am reading it.

Side story: Long ago, I had to do the same thing to the front of The Silence of the Lambs because the moth freaked me out. The sticker I chose was a ridiculously happy cartoon cat face. Several years ago, I put it on the giveaway book shelf at work and then I recently saw it re-surface there. With that sticker still on the front! It's really funny. If I see it again, I'll take a photo. That cat face doesn't really "fit" with the book at all.

For blocking out Roman's name, I may just use a plain white label. That guy gives me the creeps.

All right. On to Tess!


Edited to add:
PS -- I went ahead and put a label over the unpleasant part of the book. It's not Tess's fault that some jerk's name is on her book, right? ;)


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  2. Oh boy. I'm not much for the Victorians, but I'm going to wish you luck and anxiously await your review. I felt sure I'd read this book, but I just skimmed through the summary on wikipedia, and I actually don't think I have.

    I love that you had to edit out Roman Polanski. I don't blame you. That dude is cree-pee. I like that you have a history with this sort of thing. I'll tell you, the last book I had to "fix" (hah) was Curious George. When I'd read it to Darius when he was little, I'd just completely skip the whole beginning part, which really seems like a thinly veiled justification for slavery. Good times with children's books!

    I've been reading Oracle Bones this weekend, but I'm going to have to keep plugging away at it. It's interesting, but not a superfast read. I think it's going to take another weekend or two to get it done.


  3. How in the hell did I miss that you have a "lining up the books" procedure? AMAZING.

    1. Yeah. Still do that. 100%

      There is a "subcategory" thing that happens first (it's random but like... Hardbacks or "all time favorites" or poetry or um... sometimes actually by subject! [like within the craft books]) and then... Size and color! Line 'em up!

  4. Also, I believe I had to deploy a similar strategy of covering up the book with Tina Fey's Bossypants. Hahaha.

    It's Throwback Thursday on our own blog!

    1. HA! We should do this every Thursday -- we've got almost 4 years of archives here. Plenty to laugh about! ;)