Monday, December 26, 2011

Kelly's Book 12: Freakonomics

Dear Jenny,

Oh, yeah. I'm skidding into the end of the year here, but I am totally going to finish this puppy.

This book was reeeeally popular a few years back, so I do feel pretty behind the times in reading it now, but better late than never, right?

I'm already hooked by the teaser in the Introduction linking the decline in crime rates in the 1990s to the legalization of abortion in the early 70s. Mind-blowing.



  1. You'll love that book. A great end of the year choice---fast and fascinating!


  2. And...don't forget to write a review of the Gorey book. No pressure, no pressure!

  3. I'm working on it! I still have a few more days!

    I think, as we've said before, it's easier to write a review for hated books than for ones we loved. I *loved* that Gorey book. I just need to get it done!