Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jenny's Book 3.12: Charlie Wilson's War


I've decided to read Charlie Wilson's War this month. If you'll remember, my plan this year is to tackle a non-fiction title every other month. This works out perfectly for March, because last year after gulping down all the Tournament books, I really needed a non-fiction palate cleanser.

I originally picked up this book at the neighborhood Powell's. I bought it new at the used bookstore for $4.95! Erik, a trustworthy source for non-fiction recommendations, was sure I would like it, so I was excited to find it for such a good price. And then it languished on the shelf for years. Even better---if I get tired of lugging around the actual book*,  I was able to borrow it from the Kindle lending library for free. I bet I read a lot of it on my Kindle--I really miss it. With the Subtext trials (1Q84 with you, Tolstoy and the Purple Chair with my friend Barb, and various books with kids), I'm sort of worn out with reading on my iPad.

I actually started to read Charlie Wilson's War just to make sure it would work, and it's the best kind of non-fiction: highly interesting and well-written. I think it will be a "fast" read once I really get into it. Even though it's long, I have 2 weeks of Spring Break at the end of the month, so I feel sure I will be able to finish it.

Have you seen the movie? I enjoyed it, it's a few years old now and stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. I'm already familiar with the story, and that always helps.


*What are we supposed to do these days to distinguish between actual, paper book items and their electronic counterparts. Ebook is so nice and easy.


  1. Haven't seen the movie and I know very little about the story -- looking forward to your review.

    I struggle with what to call "actual, paper books" as well (in fact, I usually say something like that!) Since "eBooks" is so easy, let's try "pBooks". Heh. We could start a revolution!

  2. K,

    I love pBooks and plan to adopt this into my vocabulary IMMEDIATELY. I don't know why, but it cracks me up.