Monday, March 4, 2013

Kelly's Book 3.13: Why I'm Like This

Dear Jenny,

For the life of me, I cannot remember how this book came into my hands. Maybe a long-ago bookstore browsing session? Well, it's been on my shelf for awhile and it is now time to read it.

I had big plans to star 1Q84 with my extra time in February, but I ended up getting distracted by a few other books, plus unpacking our house (which makes for great aBook time!) so now I'm going the opposite way and choosing a book that looks short n' easy, since I am still working on HHhH and would like to finish it in time for the ToB matchup on March 15.

Just flipped to the Author's Note and have already laughed out loud...

Author's Note: I have changed the names of some people and some places because my editor made me.



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  1. That sounds hilarious. Definitely keep me updated. I have a feeling I'll pick something non-fiction for March because I'll be exhausted from all my novel reading....